About the New York Guard

The New York Guard (NYG) is New York’s volunteer state defense force. The NYG augments and supports the New York National Guard with manpower and skills. The New York Guard is part of the New York State Department of Military and Naval Affairs (DMNA). The other components of NY DMNA are the NY Army National Guard, the NY Air National Guard and the New York Naval Militia, together comprising the NYS Military Forces.

New York Guard soldiers are a volunteer, unpaid force which serves at the direction of the Governor, but are paid at the same rate as their National Guard counterparts when called to State Active Duty. They assist the National Guard in planning, training for and executing state emergency support and disaster missions. The NYG also provides legal and medical pre-deployment assistance to the National Guard units and other reserve components as requested.

Many New York Guard members are retired members of the National Guard and other military services, however military experience is not a prerequisite to membership. They are part of the military forces of New York but are not federal military reservists like members of the Army and Air National Guard.

Members of the New York Guard assist National Guard Soldiers and Airmen to serve the people of New York as members of Joint Task Forces which respond to state natural disasters, state emergencies and state security requirements. NYG service members were activated and deployed in response to the 9/11 terror attack, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Irene, the 2014 blizzards and heavy snow in Buffalo, NY, the 2017 Lake Ontario flooding, and the New York State disaster relief response to Hurricane Maria in 2017.

NYG members receiving training in several skills, including: manning and operating Joint Reception, Stating and Onward Integration (JRSOI) centers, light engineering, manning supply points of distribution (POD), communications and NY Military Emergency Radio Network (MERN), mess hall operations and general purpose labor for disaster response.

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